Adam Geele Receives MIDS-Young ICCA Scholarship

We are pleased to announce that Adam Geele is the recipient of the 2022 MIDS-Young ICCA scholarship. Adam will receive a full-tuition scholarship to attend the Geneva LL.M. in International Dispute Settlement (MIDS) for the academic year 2022-23.


Our latest Young ICCA scholarship winner took some time to complete the Young ICCA Proust Questionnaire - get to know Adam by reading his answers below.


MIDS Scholarship Winner

Adam Musa Askar Geele         


Age: 29


Hometown: Liboi, Kenya


Current City: London, United Kingdom


Current Employer: Ingeus


Education: Bachelor of Laws with Honours in Law (University of Hull). Legal Practice Course + MSc in Law, Business and Management (University of Law)


If you had to give an acceptance speech for this scholarship, what would your first line be?

A heavy burden has been graciously lifted from my shoulders.


What is your favourite virtue?

Patience as change always comes later than we think it should.


What are your favourite qualities in another person?

Passion, humour, and humility never go out of fashion.


What is your chief characteristic?

Humour as I love making people smile (and sometimes laugh).


What is your main fault?

I tend to overthink in situations outside of my control.


What is your favourite occupation?

Having a great time with great people


What is your idea of happiness?

To be surrounded by family and friends


What is your idea of misery?

A life unfulfilled


If not yourself, who would you be?

Mohammed Ali, for his courage and confidence


Where would you like to live?

Tokyo, Japan


Who is your favourite prose author?

John Steinbeck


Who is your favourite hero/heroine in fiction?

Commander Benjamin Sisko - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine


Who is your hero in real life?

My mother, whose generosity knows no bounds


What historical person do you most dislike?

Adolf Hitler


What is your favourite name?



What do you hate the most?



What is your natural talent?

Mediating conflicts.


What is your favourite arbitration-related decision?

Maritime Delimitation in the Indian Ocean (Somalia v Kenya)


Who is your favourite arbitrator?

I have not had the opportunity to settle on a favourite just yet


Who is your mentor?

My best friend, Lee, who helps bring my aspirations and concerns into perspective


What is your motto?

“The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.” - Marcus Aurelius