Co-chair elections halted due to IT-related issues

Thank you for participating in the Young ICCA Co-chair elections. Unfortunately we have experienced some IT-related issues with this year’s voting process and are concerned that these issues may have affected the election polls. For this reason, we have decided to halt the voting process and to restart the process as soon as possible with an improved system. We note that the sole reason for this decision is to ensure that the election results for the role of Young ICCA Co-chair are entirely fair and credible. Both candidates, Rahul Donde and Tolu Obamuroh, remain in the running and are counting on the support of their fellow Young ICCA members.
We will relaunch the election process within the next week and the elections will run for a period of two weeks from that time. We note that if you as a Young ICCA Member have already voted, you will need to recast your vote when you receive the invitation to vote. If you have not yet cast your vote as a Young ICCA Member, we encourage you to do so when you receive your invitation to do so.
We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused and heartily encourage you to support your preferred candidate for Young ICCA Co-chair and to vote for him in the new voting process.