Mauricio Marengo is Named the 2023-2024 Miami Law-Young ICCA Scholar

We are pleased to announce that Mauricio Marengo is the recipient of the 2023 Miami Law-Young ICCA Annual Scholarship. Mauricio will receive a full-tuition scholarship to attend the International Arbitration LL.M. Program for the academic year 2023-24.


Our latest Young ICCA scholarship winner took some time to complete the Young ICCA Proust Questionnaire - get to know Mauricio by reading his answers below.




Name: Mauricio Marengo.

Age: 32.

Hometown: Asunción – Paraguay.

Current City: Asunción, on my way to Miami.

Current Employer: VINCLUM Abogados & Consultores:

Education: Lawyer from the Universidad Nacional de Asunción (2014) – LL.M. in International Law from the Universität Heidelberg (2020).

How did you get involved in international arbitration? As a Law student when doing some research about the Moot Competitions. Then I joined the Moot Teams of the University and participated in the Competencia Internacional de Arbitraje (Buenos Aires – Washington DC) and the Willem C. Vis International Arbitration Moot (Vienna). Finally, my LL.M. project was about Third-Party Funding and Conflicts of Interest. 

What is your favourite virtue? Responsibility and discipline.

What are your favourite qualities in another person? Sincerity, responsibility and straightforwardness.

What is your chief characteristic? I consider myself a leader. I can motivate people around me and I guide through the example.

What is your main fault? Self-demand. Through help I learned to speak to myself in a nicer/softer way. I’m not a finished work yet, still in process.

What is your favourite occupation? Arbitration Lawyer/Entrepreneur/Content Creator/Writer/Podcaster. I’m one-third or one-fourth down that path, but that’s my professional goal/dream.

What is your idea of happiness? Meaning in your life, pursuing something meaningful and carrying that weight responsibly. I truly believe that what gives meaning to life is responsibility. By carrying loads and pursuing ideals you get satisfaction and happiness comes along.

What is your idea of misery? Not enjoying what you do on a daily basis and not being capable of changing the situation. To be stuck in a certain place and not taking action to improve reality.

If not yourself, who would you be? I don’t think there’s someone I’d rather be. Well, Dua Lipa for sure, or Batman. Batman.

Where would you like to live? Miami, Washington DC, NYC maybe (not sure). I’m a city man rather than a country guy.

Who is your favourite prose author? Dostoevsky.

Who is your favourite hero/heroine in fiction? Batman.

Who is your hero in real life? My mother.

What historical person do you most dislike? Mao Zedong.

What is your favourite name? Stephie.

What do you hate the most? That’s such a powerful word. Lack of truth irritates me, but I don’t think there’s something I hate.

What is your natural talent? I have an innate ability to leave parties early.

What is your favourite arbitration-related decision? Philip Morris v. Uruguay – because the idea of Third-Party Funding changed there since it was thought that a funder was an entity looking to get a “piece of the pie” in a dispute. In this case, the concept of TPF broadened to those who are willing to fund a dispute and not expecting financial returns of it.

Who is your favourite arbitrator? There are so many, I’d go with three: Gary Born, Maxi Scherer and Patricia Nacimento.

Who is your mentor? I have many mentors in different areas, professionally I can mention three: Dr. Alberto Poletti – Dr. José Moreno Rodriguez – Dr. Roque Caivano.

What is your motto? These two:


  • “You don’t become confident by shouting affirmations in the mirror but by having a stack of undeniable proof that you are who you say you are. Outwork your selfdoubt”. Hormozi.


  • “In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or step back into safety”. Maslow.


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