Miami Law-Young ICCA Scholarship Winner Announced

We are pleased to announce the winner of the 2020 Miami Law-Young ICCA scholarship: Cristian Zannier


Every year, the University of Miami School of Law and Young ICCA award one full-tuition scholarship to an outstanding Young ICCA member to attend the International Arbitration LL.M. Program.


Get to know the new Miami Law-Young ICCA Scholar through his answers to the Young ICCA Proust Questionnaire. 


Cristian Zannier

 Name: Cristian Alejandro Zannier Rufatt

 Age: 29 

 Hometown: Santiago de Chile.

 Current City: Miami, FL.

 Current Employer: Valle & Asociados

 Education: Master in Corporate Law (LL.M) and Bachelor in Law (LL.B)   Universidad de Los Andes, Santiago de Chile. 



If you had to give an acceptance speech for this scholarship, what would your first line be?  

I am deeply honored and extremely thankful to Young ICCA, for having awarded me with such honor and privilege of granting me this year's scholarship, that will allow me to fulfill my dream to study the prestigious LL.M in International Arbitration in the University of Miami, that undoubtedly will change my professional career and my life.


What is your favourite virtue? Hard work.


What are your favourite qualities in another person? Trust and transparency.


What is your chief characteristic? Being trustworthy.


What is your main fault? That sometimes I am a perfectionist.


What is your favourite occupation? To sail and to play basketball.


What is your idea of happiness? To live in peace with myself, my relatives, friends, fellow human beings, with my country and with the earth and environment and with God.


What is your idea of misery? To pass through life without living.


If not yourself, who would you be? I am extremely grateful to God for who I am. I would not like to be somebody else.


Where would you like to live? Since I have lived in several countries, I am very flexible and adaptable, but my ideal place to live would be the USA.


Who is your favourite prose author? William Shakespeare.


Who is your favourite hero/heroine in fiction? Harvey Specter and Winnie the Pooh.


Who is your hero in real life? My parents (Carlos Zannier and Claudia Rufatt).


What historical person do you most dislike? The populist leaders that unfortunately abound everywhere.


What is your favourite name? Alessandro.


What do you hate the most? I do not hate anything, but there are attitudes that I may not like.


What is your natural talent? I am very sociable and easy going.


What is your favourite arbitration-related decision? Alsacia v. Chile (ICSID). [Ríos v. Chile]


Who is your favourite arbitrator? Professor Attila Tanzi, Carolyn Lamm and Gabrielle Kaufmann-Kohler.


Who is your mentor? Professor Enrique Brahm.


What is your motto? “Do everything for love. That way there are no little things. Everything is big.” (Quote St. José María Escriva de Balaguer).