Panagiotis Chalkias elected as Young ICCA Co-chair

Panagiotis ChalkiasWe are pleased to announce that Panagiotis Chalkias has been elected as the next Young ICCA Co-chair. 


Panagiotis greeted the news of his election with enthusiasm, saying “I am truly grateful that I have received the support and trust of many Young ICCA members to be the new Co-chair. I am very happy that I will continue working with our superb Young ICCA team to fulfil Young ICCA’s mission of exposing young practitioners and students from around the world to the practice of international arbitration.” He will serve as Co-chair alongside Camilla Gambarini and Tolu Obamuroh, whose terms end in June 2020 and June 2019 respectively.


The two candidates up for election were Panagiotis Chalkias and Orlando Federico Cabrera Colorado. We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate both Panagiotis and Orlando for being the top two candidates and to thank them for participating in this year’s elections.  


Panagiotis will take office immediately, succeeding current co-chair Nhu-Hoang Tran Thang. We’d like to thank Nhu-Hoang for her contribution to Young ICCA over the past two years. We wish her well in all her future endeavours and we hope to continue working with her on other Young ICCA and ICCA Projects. 


2019 promises to be a busy and productive time for Young ICCA. We encourage all of our members to keep a lookout for Skills Training Workshops in your regions and, if any of you are interested in the Young ICCA Mentoring Programme, keep an eye on the website for details about the next cycle of the Programme. 


Interested in getting to know the new Co-chair? Click here to view his full profile.