YICCA-Tsinghua University, Young ICCA Arbitration Conference: Arbitration Agreements: Drafting Skills and Pitfalls

29 April 2017

Post Event Report


On Saturday 29 April, Young ICCA organized a panel as part of a conference co-organised by ICCA, SPC One Belt One Road Research Centre and Tsinghua University to commemorate the 30th anniversary of China’s accession to the New York Convention. The conference was held at Tsinghua University in Beijing, and Young ICCA helmed the segment on “Arbitration Agreements: drafting skills and pitfalls”.

The panel was composed of Hu Ke, Siya Xu, Henry Zhang, Emmanuel Jacomy and Mary Zhu, and was co-moderated by Donald Donovan and Charis Tan. Besides addressing the essential elements of arbitration agreements (Hu Ke and Mary Zhu) and optional clauses (Emmanuel Jacomy), the speakers also covered some practical aspects of how clauses can be problematic (Siya Xu), and recent developments in arbitration practice in China relating to arbitration agreements (Henry Zhang). Co-moderator Donald Donovan also shared his insights as to the key principles in the drafting of such agreements. The segment included a very lively debate and exchange between the speakers and participants of the conference, which closed the conference on a high note.

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