Young ICCA Co-chair Candidates Announced

This month, Tolu Obamuroh completes his two-year term as Young ICCA Co-chair. This means the time has come to elect a new Young ICCA Co-chair! We have identified two potential candidates for the role, Nataliya Barysheva and Theomonique D. Nottage. The final selection is up to you, our Young ICCA Members. 



The two candidates to fill Tolu's shoes are both talented and well-equipped to fill the role of a Young ICCA Co-chair. The candidate who receives the most votes in the elections will replace Tolu and serve a two-year term as one of the three Young ICCA co-chairs. To aid our Young ICCA Members in selecting the next Young ICCA Co-chair, we include a profile for each of the candidates below.


Voting process

All current Young ICCA Members will receive an email invitation to vote during the course of today. This invitation will include a unique voting link, which can only be used once. You will be able to cast your vote from today (15 July) until midnight (CEST) on 29 July 2019. If you do not receive an invitation to vote, we kindly ask you to check that the invitation email has not gone to your junk mail. If you are still unable to locate your invitation to vote, please contact the Young ICCA Bureau (


Please note: Only current Young ICCA Members are eligible to vote (i.e. you will not be eligible to vote if you have a Pending Young ICCA Membership application and you will not receive an invitation to vote unless you are a current Young ICCA Member) and each member may only vote once. 



We ask that you consider your vote carefully and wish both candidates the best of luck.


Nataliya BaryshevaNataliya Barysheva

Age: 33

Hometown: Moscow (RUSSIA)

Current City: Paris (FRANCE)

Current Employer: CastaldiPartners

Read Nataliya's full profile here.






Theominique NottageTheominique D. Nottage

Age: 32

Hometown: Nassau, The Bahamas

Current City: Nassau, The Bahamas

Current Employer: Higgs & Johnson

Read Theomonique's full profile here.