Young ICCA Co-chair elections: Submit your expression of interest

Young ICCA Co-chair elections: Submit your expression of interest

The end of 2016 marks the end of Damien Nyer's term as Young ICCA Co-chair. To that effect, Young ICCA is now accepting expressions of interest from potential co-chair candidates. Interested in being a Young ICCA Co-chair? Submit your expression of interest before 4 November 2016 to be considered for the role.

Young ICCA Co-chairs are elected in a unique two-stage process which ensures a balance of merit-based succession, geographic and institutional diversity and democratic legitimacy.  Gender diversity is maintained by the election mechanism which requires that each leaving male co-chair be substituted by a female co-chair and vice-versa.

Stage 1
During the first stage, the current leadership of Young ICCA will select two female candidates from among the potential candidates who have submitted an expression of interest to replace Damien.  The selection criteria include the candidates’ previous involvement in Young ICCA or similar organizations, their demonstrable appreciation of the organization’s aims of opening doors and promoting diversity in international arbitration, their capacity to dedicate the time and resources necessary to fulfill the day-to-day demands of the position, as well as considerations of geographic and institutional diversity. 

Stage 2
During the second stage, the selected two candidates will then compete for the co-chair position in open elections, in which the Young ICCA membership is invited to participate.  The elections are scheduled for December 2016 and will require each candidate to present her personal profile by filling in a so-called “Proust questionnaire” which will be circulated electronically to the Young ICCA membership for its consideration (and entertainment!).  The election results will be announced before the end of the year.

Expressions of interest
Expressions of interest from potential candidates should be submitted by email with subject line “Young ICCA Co-Chair Candidature” to the current co-chairs at; and  Applicants should include a current CV and a short letter of motivation not exceeding 500 words addressing the selection criteria outlined above. Expressions of interest received after 4 November 2016 will not be considered. The decision of the Co-chairs as to the selection of the candidates to proceed to the election phase is final. 

Your Young ICCA Co-chairs,

Damien Nyer, Sylvia Tonova and Garðar Gunnarsson