Young ICCA elects two new co-chairs

Young ICCA is pleased to announce that Maria Lokajova and Jim Morrison have been elected as new Young ICCA co-chairs via email vote.

Maria is a Prague-based attorney who has served as the Young ICCA events coordinator this year. Jim is a Sydney-based practitioner who has recently launched Young ICCA's new Asia-Pacific Desk, and also serves as a Buddy in the Young ICCA mentoring programme.

Jim and Maria will take office for a two-year term in January 2013, joining Tim Foden (who took office in June this year) and replacing Marike Paulsson and Lise Bosman, who launched Young ICCA during the ICCA Rio Congress in May 2010.

Since its launch in 2010,  Young ICCA has established a mentoring programme, launched Regional Desks in Africa and the Asia-Pacific, and hosted workshops in Mauritius, Seoul, Geneva, Buenos Aires, Prague, Miami, Stockholm, Singapore and The Hague, with events scheduled before the end of the year for Berlin, Washington and The Hague. It has also contributed to the launch of ICCA's New York Convention Roadshow programme and conducted research into arbitration in Africa.

See Jim and Maria's "Proust questionnaires" for an insight into the two new co-chairs.