Young ICCA Seeks Regional Representatives to Join the Team

We are excited to announce the opening of applications for a new set of roles with Young ICCA!


We are now recruiting for a class of Young ICCA Representatives, who will be tasked with ensuring better regional representation for all our members, and with ensuring that Young ICCA remains a meritocratic organisation offering the best possible opportunities to all its stakeholders. To apply, please carefully read the rest of this announcement and then click the application link at the bottom of this page.


We seek Young ICCA Representatives from a range of backgrounds and we encourage applications from a diverse set of candidates. However, you must be a member of Young ICCA, aged 39 years or younger, to apply. Although not a strict requirement, candidates with at least three years of post-qualification experience related to international commercial arbitration are strongly preferred.

Young ICCA Representatives will be assigned to work with one of Young ICCA's five Regional Coordinators, based on the location where they currently live and/or practice. Representatives will play a particularly important role in:


  • organising and promoting Young ICCA’s programming, growing membership, and collecting feedback about past activities within their focus jurisdictions;
  • providing jurisdictionally-specific knowledge and expertise to Young ICCA; and
  • establishing partnerships useful to expand the impact of Young ICCA’s work.


Additionally, Young ICCA Representatives will have the opportunity to:


  • take on year-long committee appointments with Young ICCA's blog and/or events teams;
  • contribute to the expansion of our other offerings, including our scholarship and mentoring programmes; and
  • be considered, from time to time, for more senior positions within Young ICCA.


Candidates for these positions should be responsive, highly-motivated and committed to our mission of opening the doors of international arbitration. Young ICCA Representative positions are unpaid, volunteer positions with non-renewable terms of up to two years. Selected candidates will need to agree to ICCA office-holder policies in order to accept their appointments.


To apply, please complete this online form by Friday September 10 at midnight, Pacific Time (UTC-8).  The form will stop accepting applications after this time and no enquiries through other means will be considered.  


To complete your application, you will need to submit an updated copy of your CV and respond to a few short-answer questions regarding your motivation for this position. We estimate that this process will take a maximum of 10-15 minutes.  


Please note that applications will be considered on a rolling basis, so we encourage you to submit your interest as soon as possible.


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