Young ICCA Skills Training Workshop: Access to justice in investment arbitration: getting your funding arrangements in place

16 January 201708:30 - 13:00(UTC+08)
Kuala Lumpur

Event synopsis 

Third party funding in investment arbitration has become the "Rolls Royce" of the most sophisticated arbitration jurisdictions in Asia-Pacific, and yet, little is known on the mechanics of negotiating a funding arrangement for claimants in investment disputes. The KLRCA joins forces with YICCA to deliver an interactive workshop on negotiating funding arrangements in investment arbitration. The workshop will be hosted by the KLRCA at its magnificent venue at Sulaiman Building in Kuala Lumpur on Monday, 16 January 2017. KLRCA's Director Professor Datuk Sundra Rajoo will deliver the welcome address. Several seasoned investment practitioners from the Asia-Pacific region are invited to set out the positions of their respective jurisdictions on third party funding, and two major arbitration funders will participate at a mock funding negotiation session as part of the workshop. With CMS Hong Kong sponsoring the event, attendance at the workshop is free of charge but reserved to those who register first. 

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