Young ICCA Skills Training Workshop: Effective Advocacy in International Arbitration: what to do and what not to do

16 October 201814:00 - 17:30(UTC-03)

The topic of the workshop was “Effective Advocacy in International Arbitraiton: what to do and what not to do”. The faculty was composed of practitioners with relevant experience in the field, including:


  • Prof. Gabrielle Kaufmann-Kohler, Lévy Kaufmann-Kohler, Geneva
  • Veronica Sandler, Legal Director, Bellavision Entertainment S.A., Argentina
  • Soledad Diaz, Ferrere, Uruguay
  • Rodrigo de Oliveira Franco, Arruda Alvim, Aragão, Lins & Sato Advogados, Brazil
  • Marcos Otazu, Olmedo y Abogados, Paraguay

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